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In the fast moving world of digital print the possibilities for customising print just keep growing. To be a part of this direct mail revolution you need variable data software to take your source design and merge it with a database to create high quality personalised print. With many solutions costing several thousand pounds it can be quite an investment to take a step into modern direct mail but Infigo VDP changes that bringing powerful variable data customisation to everyone at an affordable price.

Targeted marketing is all about personalisation – ensuring a document is relevant and timely to each individual recipient. Brand and design agencies as well as professional printers are using Infigo Variable Data Program (VDP) to deliver comprehensive and personalised communications – changing dull marketing campaigns into powerful ones.

The Infigo VDP plugin and desktop application enables personalisation of both digital and printed documents making it suitable for multi-media campaigns from a single investment. Text, graphics and images can be changed from one document to the next producing a print-ready PDF that can be output by any RIP.


Powerful personalisation
  • Ease of document design and creation
  • Links to popular database formats and spreadsheets
  • Auto mapping of database fields
  • Queuing facility allows jobs to be run off peak
  • Test mode to preview the document before merging with database
  • Designer tools are available for both Mac and PC
  • All Infigo jobs can be output in Adobe PDF or the fast PPML format


Infigo Variable Data Printing features include


  • Text on Curve (with instant preview, editing in place)
  • Fully scriptable via Javascript
  • RGB, CMYK and Spot colour support as Global colours
  • Conversion of selected text to fields
  • Shadow support
  • Layer support
  • Text library support with CSV import
  • XML output/input + properties to define Form (e.g. for Web)
  • *Barcode support
  • PPML output support
  • Batch process with file size reduction
  • GUI with field positioning functions (alignment, spreading, size equalization)
  • Rich text support for text fields
  • Images with transparency (GIF, PNG, TIFF,PSD)
  • Field Masking (oval, rounded corners)
  • Text Variable support (global and local)
  • Photoshop Integration
  • *Funky Fonts

* These features are add on modules, that can be activated at an additional cost

Infigo Designer Acrobat Plug-in

Used for creating PDF templates for Infigo Desktop. The plug-in is available for the Mac and Windows and allows you to tag the contents of your PDF designs to become variable data fields that will change when you merge the design with your data source. As many copies can be run as needed at no additional cost.




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