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StudioRIP WE (Workflow Edition) improves on the common plug-in ‘workflow’ concept by integrating all the different prepress tasks into one system, while at the same time allowing distribution of tasks over the network if necessary.

One interface, one manufacturer, great efficiency.

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We supply, support and train on the renowned PitStop Pro PDF fixing plugin for Acrobat.

Everyday you receive PDF files from customers that really aren't suitable for high quality print and fixing them can be difficult with traditional design tools. Yes you might bring the file into Illustrator to attempt to correct problems but it's far more efficient to edit PDFs directly in Acrobat using the powerful PitStop Professsional plugin to correct a huge array of issues automatically or interactively.

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Aldridge Solutions supply, install, configure and train on the latest PitStop Server 11, providing you with fully automated file checking and fixing for your workflow.

Manual editing tools such as PitStop Pro are amazingly powerful in correcting last-minute problems in PDF files and making them suitable for production but many of these tasks can be automated to save you time with every job. PitStop Server provides this power using a convenient hotfolder architecture it allows you to automate inspection and correction of PDF files.

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Prepress Spooler Xpo TIFF Converter ImageThe Prepress Spooler Xpo Connector is an automatic workflow utility that picks up industry standard 1-bit TIFF files from any prepress RIP or workflow and converts them to Kodak TIFF files that will be accepted by the Kodak or Creo Xpo TIFF Shooter or Prinergy EVO TIFF downloader, for output to devices such as the Magnus and Trendsetter.

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Aldridge Solutions supply and train on the powerful Dynagram Inp02 imposition plugin family which can provide you with direct imposition of PDF files within the familiar Acrobat Standard or Professional environment (Acrobat v8 or newer). Inp02 provides a modern approach to imposition with modular expansion allowing you to invest in the features you need today, but with the potential to add functionality if your needs change in the future.

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