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Aldridge Solutions supply and train on the powerful Dynagram Inp02 imposition plugin family which can provide you with direct imposition of PDF files within the familiar Acrobat Standard or Professional environment (Acrobat v8 or newer). Inp02 provides a modern approach to imposition with modular expansion allowing you to invest in the features you need today, but with the potential to add functionality if your needs change in the future.

Features and levels

Wizard (included in inpO2 Basic)
  • Quick and simple Wizard to create imposition for folded or flat work of any size!
  • Easily upgrade your inpO2 Wizard edition by adding modules and keep the same familiar interface you’ve already learned.

Layout Editor (included in inpO2 Basic)
  • The Layout editor adds the powerful light-table to the Wizard.
  • Edit your layouts interactively with this option.

Assembly Planner (included in inpO2 Pro)
  • Assembly Manager: Convenient assembly-tree interface to impose projects requiring complex assemblies.
  • Planning Capabilities: Post-press driven approach to imposition, using press, paper and finishing methods data.
  • Web Press Capabilities: Easy-to-use interface to create complex layouts for single web, half-web multi-web, come and go or section stacking.
  • Professional Feature Set: Complete page control, ink management, mark sets, checkpoints.

Optimisation (option)
  • Drag and drop jobs, enter the desired run length and select your target output.
  • Override the automated results by changing variables with the click of the mouse.
  • Gang as many jobs as needed on just about any format size in the Optimisation module.

Automation (option)
  • Perfect for building custom workflow solutions or adding automatic imposition to an existing workflow that uses hotfolders.
  • Drag and drop PDF files into a predefined hot folder to automatically impose common layouts.
  • Set-up any automated workflow independent of page size or page count.

JDF Export (option)
  • Control over JDF data type and version.
  • Export with cutting parameters for downstream finishing.
  • Define output settings to integrate with your workflow.

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