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Aldridge Solutions supply, install, configure and train on the latest PitStop Server 11, providing you with fully automated file checking and fixing for your workflow.

Manual editing tools such as PitStop Pro are amazingly powerful in correcting last-minute problems in PDF files and making them suitable for production but many of these tasks can be automated to save you time with every job. PitStop Server provides this power using a convenient hotfolder architecture it allows you to automate inspection and correction of PDF files.

Automate the correction of common prepress problems


  • Convert RGB to CMYK
  • Replace 3 or 4 colour blacks with real black
  • Embed missing fonts
  • Convert accidental spot colours to CMYK
  • Correct missing TrimBox data
  • and much much more

PitStop Server is built on the industry-standard Enfocus preflight engine to check all aspects of your PDF files and detect missing or corrupt fonts, incorrect colors, objects without bleed and much more. It supports standards such as PDF/X, the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications and allows Aldridge Solutions to work with you to create your own unique standard to match your individual needs.

You can generate a full pre-flight report that lists all problems found in your files, PitStop Server supports the same user-friendly preflight reports than PitStop Pro but also allows generating comprehensive XML reports.

New in PitStop Server 11

PitStop Server 11 introduces Smart Preflight & Correction – a flexible way of preflighting and correcting PDF files to their specific production requirements. Until today, a Preflight Profile could only contain fixed checks and corrections e.g. the resolution of an image must be higher than 300 dpi or the page size should be A4. However, every job is different and comes with its specific order and production requirements.

The current situation requires many different or very general Preflight Profiles that can be used for different types of jobs, but this results in less specific and accurate preflighting and corrections.

Not anymore: fixed preflight settings are a thing of the past! PitStop Server 11 introduces a whole new level of automation: preflight rules can now depend on job and production specific information. For example: it's now possible to check page sizes specifically for every job, to ensure that no more separations are used than what the customer will pay for, and many other custom checks and corrections that previously required manual intervention.

Imagine a PitStop Server with just one preflight profile that checks and corrects every incoming job based on its specific job order requirements. Now every job can be checked and corrected in a smart way, with the right values based on the file's own job ticket information.

PitStop Server 11 introduces the concept of 'Variable Sets' – a group of variables to be used when preflighting or correcting PDF files. A variable can point to specific information in an XML or JDF job ticket. A job ticket that arrives with the job will automatically provide the right values to the preflight checks, resulting in an accurate and indepth preflight result. Variables are also supported by Action Lists allowing specific and powerful correction and editing of PDF files based on the job's requirements.

Fast and correct linking of the PDF with the customers' job specific requirements, makes your service quicker and more accurate. Enfocus gives your company the strength to be more effective and work smarter.

Smarter with text. The new Find Text Action helps to easily adjust specific text to a new branding style or to ensure that specific text fragments are mentioned such as legal phrasings. Through merging characters and words into single text lines, you avoid problems with overlapping text when reformatting or correcting text fragments afterwards.

Cleaner overview, a better focus. Enfocus has developed a new and streamlined interface to make Preflight Profile editing as easy and obvious as possible in PitStop Server 11. The Preflight Profile Editor has been optimized with more logical categories. Now you can add your desired preflight checks and have a visual overview of the checks and corrections that are used in the Preflight Profile.




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