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StudioRIP WE (Workflow Edition) improves on the common plug-in ‘workflow’ concept by integrating all the different prepress tasks into one system, while at the same time allowing distribution of tasks over the network if necessary.

One interface, one manufacturer, great efficiency.

Interpretation, Screening, Colour Management, Imposition, Trapping, Ink Duct Control (CIP3/4) Contract Proofing and Soft Proofing with output to Film, Plate, InkJet, DI Press and Digital output devices.

This novel architecture offers:

  • Flexibility: the output devices can be in different rooms or buildings, but still managed from the same user interface.
  • Efficiency: various tasks can be distributed over the network to increase productivity (Print Managers can be installed on different computers, or one Print Manager can be driven by more StudioRIP Server engines)
  • Remote control: designers or operators do not need to leave their workstation while working with StudioRIP: StudioRIP Client can run on every workstation without consuming system resources.
  • Internet enabled: the efficiently compressed data channel enables remote control through the internet.
  • Full control: each Client application can control all the available settings and the entire process.
  • Integrated workflow: the Client application provides a single interface for all the various workflow tasks such as imposition, proofing, ink duct control or printing.
  • Direct feedback: controlling multiple workflow tasks from one interface, users have direct feedback of the results of the tasks; for example, if the imposition doesn't fit on the media, it can be easily changed before sending the job to the Print Manager.
  • Simultaneous operation: designers can work simultaneously on different jobs (e.g. imposing or proofing), or can view and control each other's jobs.
  • Apple Mac clients: though there isn't a Mac version of the StudioRIP client application, StudioRIP has developed a smooth workaround for Mac clients, using the remote desktop feature of the Windows 2003 Server operating system.





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