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Powered by the latest Harlequin PDF 1.7 and PostScript 3® interpreter from Global Graphics, Navigator is fully compatible with the all popular software packages used in the graphic arts industry today. Whether your production requires output of PostScript, PDF, TIFF, EPS, or even PDF/X, the Navigator Harlequin RIP supports you.

An easy-to-use graphical interface helps guide jobs through the RIP for output to over 250 Computer to Plate (CtP), film setter (CtF), and proofing devices (Such as Epson and HP inkjet printers), while optional features such as TrapPro in-RIP trapping, CIP3 generation, and HDS Stochastic screening make it a top performer in the most demanding production environments. Navigator Harlequin RIPs are the prepress foundation of small to medium print shops, large commercial printers and multi-million pound publishing houses around the globe.

Available for Windows PCs, Xitron’s Navigator RIP is a solid foundation for your pre-press needs.


  • One RIP, Multiple Output Devices
    Provides a single platform and interface for driving proofing devices, imagesetters and platesetters.

  • Wide Range of Plug-ins & Cards
    Extend the life of existing investments with the ability to drive more than 250 legacy and current output devices.

  • Soft Proofing
    Improve productivity by providing prepress operator control anywhere on the network.

  • RIP Manager Workflow
    Enhance throughput and solve common prepress problems with a complete solution that can include PDF Creation, Preflighting and client based job management.

  • JDF Ready
    The latest CIP4 technology standard assures your investment will meet future needs.

  • Extensive Option Choices
    Build as robust a system as required with plenty of room for growth.
    • TrapPro In-RIP Trapping
      With advanced features including anamorphic, narrowed and proportional traps, mitred end joins and feathering.
    • Simple Imposition
      Fast automatic in-RIP imposition suitable for most B3 printers and some B2 work with up to 4-up bound work (8 page sections) and unlimited step and repeats.
    • HDS
      Second order stochastic (FM) screening
    • Colour Managed Proofing
      Add proofing plugins and Harlequin Color-Pro Colour Management to output accurate contone and halftone proofs to a range of inkjet printers.
    • RIP Manager Workflow
      Adds Remote Job Control, PDF Creation, Enfocus PDF Preflighting, Enhanced Job Management, Soft-proofing and more.

Supported Devices

Navigator RIPs can output to almost anything! Using either 1-bit TIFF or the innovative Xitron Blue Box USB interface, including:


Compatible with any output device with a TIFF catcher supplier for example:

  • AB Dick DPM and DPXthrough TIFF downloader or existing Harlequin RIP v5.5 or higher
  • Agfa devices using Agfa Print Drive, Agfa Open Connect or Agfa Arkitex Newsdrive.
  • BasysPrint UV-Setter Series via TIFF Catcher
  • Creo devices using Creo Print Console or Prinergy EVO TIFF downloader
  • Cymbolic Sciences PlateJet 4, PlateJet 8, Newsjet using PlateQ
  • ECRM devices using manufacturer's TIFF catcher or ECRM CT Server
  • Escher-Grad devices using Escher-Grad ImageSpool
  • Esko devices using Esk-Graphics or Direct TIFF Expose
  • FFEI devices using FFEI TIFF Catcher
  • Fuji devices using Fuji Luxel Gateway, Output Director, Cegway, Flatrunner or Fuji PD System Pro TIFF Catcher
  • Heidelberg machines using using Prinect MetaShooter
  • HighWater devices using Console or Q2 Output Controller
  • CRON TP and UVP devices using CRON TIFF Catcher
  • Kodak devices using Prinergy EVO TIFF downloader or workflow
  • Luscher devices using Q2 Output Controller or TIFF Plot utility
  • RIPit SpeedSetter VM, VMPlus, VM4 using ImagerQ TIFF server
  • Screen devices using Screen Flatrunner or TrueFlow Dot Tiff Controller (DTC)
  • Xante VM2, VM2 Plus, VM4, VM4 News using Xante's ImagerQ 1-bit TIFF Server
Direct Interfaces

USB Blue Box or PCI, depending on device

  • Agfa Accuset, Avantra, Phoenix, ProSet, SelectSet, Acento, Anteres, Avalon, Avanxis and Palladio ranges
  • Autologic 3850 range
  • Creo Scitex Dolev range
  • Creo Heidelberg Trendsetter range
  • ECRM VR, VRL, Mako, Sunfish, Pelbox, Marlin, Stingray, Knockout and Bluefin ranges
  • Fuji Celix, Dart, Javelin, Luxel, FC, PI, PIM and vx9600 ranges
  • Heidelberg Herkules, Quasar, Primesetter, TopSetter, Trendsetter, Prosetter ranges and QMDI presses
  • Linotype/Hell Linotronic, Herkules and Quasar ranges
  • PrePRESS Solutions Panther and FastTRACK ranges
  • Presstek Dimension, Karat and DI ranges
  • Printware PlateStream
  • Scitex Dolev range
  • Screen FT-R, Katana, FT-R Katana, DT-R, MT-R and PT-R ranges




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