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Helping Your Work Flow

Let us help improve the efficiency of your workflow, enabling your existing staff to achieve more, expanding your capacity without expanding your payroll. Whether you need instant Harlequin RIP support or to take a step back and asses the whole of your workflow, we can help.

Too many printers are working incredibly hard but just don't seem to have the capacity to expand production, or are too often loosing money and repeat business through costly errors getting on press that with today's prepress tools simply shouldn't be happening. For some the assumed solution is to recruit more staff to expand capacity and bring in expertise, but all too often this approach doesn't provide the expected return on investment.

Aldridge Solutions will evaluate your complete print workflow and report areas of weakness in terms of bottle necks, vulnerability to failure and risk of error so you can make key decisions on where you should invest your hard earned capital for the best return. Prepress consultancy services from Aldridge Solutions aren't about touting our products, though we will of course let you know if something we resell could save you time or make you money! They're about taking our many years of knowledge acquired though evaluating software and hardware products from a huge range of vendors, testing them in real print sites and talking week-in, week-out with UK printers about their needs, and applying that knowledge in real world problem solving to get you the best return on investment we can.

Are your profits being held back by lack of time in your prepress or studio departments? In almost all cases you'll find your skilled design and prepress workers are having to wait somewhere in your workflow process, perhaps for the RIP to process a job, a plate to be re-made or for a customer to approve a proof or specify changes on a reprint. Aldridge Solutions can advise on and implement a wide range of improvements from simple changes in how you structure your workflow, through enhancements in your IT infrastructure, to new automated solutions.

What about your press room? How much time and money in wasted paper and ink is being spent in make-ready? Could better process control or automated systems permanently reduce these costs? We've worked with a number of printers to install ink key pre-setting systems to reduce make-ready by up to 75% and to make quality more consistent across all their press operators.

Aldridge Solutions brings you over 15 years of technical expertise from major prepress vendors across the world, providing you with a host of knowledge at your finger tips to get the best from your existing systems or to make strategic investments in key areas to improve efficiency, quality and costs in your prepress workflow.

To find out more or for a free no obligation audit of your prepress workflow, please contact us.

If you need a more instant fix to get that rush job out of the door when your StudioRIP or Harlequin RIP just won't give you the output you need, contact us now, we can often provide instant support services to get your job on press today.





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