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Useful drivers, utilities and plugins for our products including our Harlequin RIP Page Feature library.

This installer creates windows printer driver ports for direct connection to a Harlequin RIP input channel allowing you to utilise shared windows printers to send jobs directly to the RIP from Windows or Mac OS X clients.

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One of the main mechanisms that Global Graphics Software Inc. give us all to adapt the powerful Harlequin™ RIP are Page Features. Many Harlequin RIP users will have heard of them, or may recall in the Page Setup dialog box on their RIP a place to select a Page Feature (just called "Feature" in newer editions of the RIP). Page Features are pieces of Adobe Postscript® or Global Graphics extensions to the Postscript language, written in plain text, which can be run by the RIP with each job that is processed through the Page Setup in which they are selected, in order to modify the processing of the job in some way.

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These files are required in order to install and use HighWater PCI interface cards with Harlequin RIPs to enable you to output from your RIP to your imagesetter of CtP device.

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