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At Aldridge Solutions we believe in providing straight answers, effective solutions and an unrivalled level of service. We are part of Prepress UK, an independent supplier of high quality prepress solutions.

Founded in 2003 by owner, Andrew Aldridge, Aldridge Solutions was created to provide quality prepress products and IT solutions backed up by unique levels of product knowledge which can only come from years of experience working with the manufacturers and vendors of the products we distribute. Andrew has been working in the prepress and printing industries since 1993 and his former jobs include Managing Director of Graphics Integration Ltd, General Manager of Xitron Europe Ltd and Product Release Manager at Highwater Designs Ltd.

Graphics Integration sold over 2000 Harlequin RIPs and bought many innovative colour managed proofing solutions and RIP utilities to market as well as distributing a range of high performance imagesetters (CtF). Andrew also spent 4 years as Product Release Manager for another well known Harlequin OEM and CtP manufacturer, HighWater Designs Ltd, where he oversaw the release of the Torrent Global Graphics 7.0 Harlequin RIP and project managed the introduction of HighWater's prepress workflow solution, Quickflow, as well as assisting with a wide range of prepress product evaluations and subsequent releases associated with HighWater's range of Computer to Plate (CtP) systems.

Today we are focused on maximising returns for printers with minimum investment through the streamlining and automation of production processes throughout the print workflow. Using the knowledge built over 20 years selling, supporting and developing high-tech prepress RIP and workflow solutions, building relationships with international suppliers, designing, sourcing and implementing hardware systems, building and administering printer's networks and business IT systems, Aldridge Solutions provide strong products with dedicated personal service.

We are located near Cheltenham in the UK.




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