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StudioRIP provides options for a wide range of colour proofing approaches with an impressive suite of colour calibration and profiling tools thrown in too.

Available as a stand-alone low resolution version, dedicated to the job of colour managed proofing to inkjets such as Epson and HP devices, or as a simple to enable option already embedded within your StudioRIP Standard or Workflow Editions.

All StudioRIP editions include PS level 3 capability, PDF 1.6 compatibility, advanced media saving, remote operation, customisable prepress marks, enhanced preview with realistic colours and advanced zoom, high quality screening and soft proofing with JPEG and PDF export.

Anyone who's worked in print during the transition between analogue, film negative based proofing systems and today's inkjet based digital proofing will know, when we switched to proofing contone (continuous tone) data to high quality inkjets the resultant proof looked so glossy and wonderfully photographic that a large number of customer were disappointed when they saw the actual press run with halftone rosette structure! While I think it's fair to say the print industry and it's customer have massively reduced this effect through use of more "offset like" proofing stocks and, perhaps most of all, though education and adjusting expectations, there is still a need for some customers to show a halftone dot on the proof, either because they demand it, or because you know it's the safest way to set their expectation.

StudioRIP gives you the choice. Proof contone for the widest colour range, proof a halftone dot RIPed at proofing resolutions, or if you're looking for absolute data integrity choose raster proofing to generate your colour managed inkjet proofs from actual high resolution separations to exactly match your final output.

StudioRIP gives you control. Bundled with all StudioRIP proofing systems is an integrated colour calibration and profile making system. No more spending additional hundreds on consultants, or on separate profile creation software, it's all included to give you accurate colour profiles of your actual proofer, on your actual stock, not some factory based average.




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