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We've just released two new Harlequin RIP page features for you to freely use with any brand Harlequin RIP. is an improved job capture page feature, it will take a copy of any incoming file that's arriving via published channel such as Appletalk, Socket or NTPrint inputs and place it into a folder inside the RIP's SW folder. From there you could use a Spool input to collect the file and process it again for a simple print once, RIP many workflow.

PrepsNaming(Prepsv5).ps is our latest invention to solve the problem of job sent to the RIP from Preps v5 not showing their section number and side identifiers making it difficult to know which is a front or back and in which sequence they should be run. Our page feature extracts this information from the incoming postscript stream or file created by Preps v5 and dynamically renames the Page Buffer for each section in the RIP as it's created. So you'll get those necessary "1A" "3B" etc identifier clearly visible in the RIP's queue and any resultant files exported from the RIP for that job.

See our Harlequin RIP Page Feature section to download these and other useful features free of charge.

If you need custom page feature developments or any problems solved with your pre-press systems, talk to the experts, contact Aldridge Solutions today.




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